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Our wines

Mušković wines are the embodiment of the Istrian belief that wine is central to life. Derived from our long heritage, we offer white Malvazija and red Teran – the classic traditional Istrian wines. To this we have added red Borgonja and two types of Rosé, still and sparkling – the taste of summer.
Blending state-of-the art and sustainable, traditional methods, all Mušković wines are produced organically, making the most of our Istrian climate and distinctive terrain. A rich red top soil and limestone bedrock give Mušković wines their unique, long-lasting flavour – a flavour which simply tastes so vibrant!


Mušković Malvazija

top quality white wine- controlled geographical origin

For centuries, Malvazija has been the taste of the Istrian summer and it is the wine that founded the Mušković winery.
Light, white and all too drinkable, today’s Mušković Malvazija is Istrian white wine at its peak. Pure, clear, fresh and fragrant, it has a fruity and floral aroma with a hint of acacia honey. Dry, but still rounded, it has a perfect balance of acidity and minerality, and a long-lasting taste.

Mušković Teran

top quality red wine- controlled geographical origin

Indigenous to Istria, the Teran grape produces a ruby-red wine with deep purple highlights, full of character and flavour. It has traditionally been drunk in the winter, forming the basis of Istria’s unique ‘supa’: a delicious blend of mulled wine with sugar, pepper and olive oil, into which you dip bread toasted on an open fire.
Today, Teran is drunk all year round and is the perfect accompaniment to any stronger tasting foods such as chilli, stews or sausages.
Aged in oak for up to a year and a half before bottling, Mušković’s terroir produces a classic Teran. With a strong peppery aroma and more than a hint of raspberry, this dry, medium-bodied red wine has a low tannin content and a refreshing finish.

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borgonja png.png

Mušković Borgonja

Top quality red wine

Often grown as a grape for blending, Borgonja produces a lovely light red wine in its own right. We are one of the few producers in Istria to make it as a stand-alone wine and our terroir turns the Borgonja grape into a soft, ruby-red wine with fresh herbal notes, enriched with aromatic tones of cloves and mild tannins. Similar to Beaujolais, Mušković Borgonja is a light, fruity red, perfect for the summer.
It pairs with grilled sardines, black risotto, cured meats and medium-ripened cheeses.

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Mušković Rose

Rose wine- table wine

Made from Borgonja grapes, Mušković Rosé is the taste of summer. Beautifully salmon-pink in colour, it is light, fruity and slightly sweet, making it the perfect stand-alone summer drink.
Rosé is relatively new to Istria and when I introduced it my father, a complete traditionalist, was sure it would not sell ‘Who’s going to want to drink that?’ he said. ‘It’s pink! That’s no colour for wine!’ Well the people who came on its first wine tasting did. My father watched in amazement as it left the cellar by the caseload, as it has done every year since it was launched. It always sells out fast so if you want to try it, come early!

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Sparkling Rosé

Salmon-pink in colour, sparkling Tonina is a blend of Chardonnay and Malvazija, with a touch of Borgonja for colour. It has a pronounced scent of fresh raspberries and cherry with floral tones, which flow into the soft, fruity flavour. Semi-sweet, with a careful balance of minerality and acidity, it is the perfect accompaniment to any summer celebration.
It is named Tonina in honour of my Grandmother, who for many years kept the winery going single-handedly and, in later years, was a mainstay of my childhood and inspired my love of wine making.

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